19 November 2018

Flora Finds Her Flock

It's too easy to forget to update you with recent client work! Here is a peek at one of the pages from a children's book I have been working on recently . . . Flora Finds Her Flock

17 July 2018

Demon Princess Cover Sketches

Katie Wood

Katie Wood

Katie Wood

Katie Wood

One of my favourite things to do for a new brief is to make  sketches! These were unused concepts for a recent series.  One of these days I'm going to move one of them on to final art ... 
Demon Princesses coming to life!
Maybe you know one?! he he

09 July 2018

Website Delight!

So it has been a really, really, REALLY long time - 
but I have finally updated my WEBSITE! Woohoo! Fingers crossed you like it. 
Katie x

12 July 2017


Do you yoga? I've jumped into it with my whole heart recently and have found myself a little addicted! Good for your mind and body? I'm sold!  Here is some recent editorial work . . .
Namaste x

23 November 2016

Glow in the dark!

As we are now in the depths of winter - and it's dark. . . ALL THE TIME this amazing glow in the dark puzzle that I designed is coming in handy. It really glows! Like, crazy bright! Get one here!

10ft Coloring Roll

The summer seems like a distant memory at the moment *sob*, but I'm thinking back to happy days when we were colouring the 10ft Coloring roll in the garden! That's right - 10ft! There is also a hand handbag sized version available here!