20 August 2014

Rabbits Rabbits!

Hi everyone! It's August . . . (I'm sure you know!) but how did we get here so quickly!? I was shocked to see that my last post was in April. My only excuse is that thankfully I have had a pretty full on few months; firstly some amazing projects that I've utterly loved (more details coming soon) and  secondly, I moved house! H'ray! I'm now a proud owner of a beautiful little home, complete with my own back garden. It's a real blank canvas so I'll be spending a few months decorating and filling it up with beautiful things! 
It's been difficult not to be inspired by the passing summer months - I think it's shown in my artwork a lot lately... especially the swifts and bunnies that have been visiting me in my new home....!

Here are some that have made an appearance in my work too - I look forward to showing you some more soon.

Katie x 

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