14 October 2013

Week one - WOW !!

Well I made it through week one of the MATS course by Lilla Rogers. An what a week it was! I honestly couldn't have enjoyed it more. I've learnt so much about the week's topic; BOLT FABRIC, and in fact, myself! I decided to let go of all of the pre-concieved ideas that I had about what the final artwork should look like, and start from scratch. I took the time to study the subject matter and enjoy the process - and the final artwork just developed from there. I'm a little nervous that the final artwork looked nothing like anyone else's ... but really I think that's the point! It was individual to me - made with marks that only I can make. The only downside is that the week wasn't longer - because now I've got the pattern making bug! I know I can do better too...which is a pretty inspiring feeling:)

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